Leak & Sand Detection Spectral Noise Tools (SNT)

Memory Digital Spectral Noise Tool is intended for recording intensity and spectral characteristics of acoustic noise along the wellbore in order to identify fluid and gas inflow intervals, as well as streaked flows accompanied by acoustic noises in the well during hydrodynamic and geophysical studies of drilling, production and injection wells.

The tool records signal from the piezoelectric sensor at predetermined equal intervals and records them in 512 frequency channels.

Recording of information is made in the digital form in the internal non-volatile memory of the tool.
Flash memory is used as memory chips, which allows you to save information when power sources are turned off.
After measurement execution, information is transferred to a computer for processing and analysis.

Data can be saved on a computer and transferred to other data processing programs. The tool does not require erasing memory.

Instrument uses two channels with different gain factors to increase the dynamic range. This allows to use data from channel with less gain for channel overloaded with high gain.

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