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Ginnovo is an emerging Wireline Logging Solution Provider currently operating in the MENA region. Ginnovo’s main objective is to tailor solutions in order to help the Oil & Gas Operators to retrieve useful data & information that describes the downhole conditions and reservoir performance, optimizing lifetime production and avoiding issues that could interrupt your operations. Our fully-trained experts in the field and our fleet of new wireline trucks, which are equipped with cutting-edge data-acquisition systems, provide our clients with cased-hole wireline services with a world-class performance & service quality.


Ginnovo's strategic goal to be recognized as the global industry Well Integrity leaders by tailoring/developing innovative (unconventional) technological solutions capitalizing on our talents and continuous learning, becoming the preferred business success partners.


Ginnovo's Core Values and Keys to Success are the basis for establishing a common culture. Our Core Values are : Integrity, Innovation, Performance, and Learning. Our Keys to Success are four priorities that should guide decision-making in Ginnovo: Sense of urgency, Unconventional Solutions, Be Cost Efficient, Adaptability.

have you ever got an accurate cement evaluation behind multiple casings without having a work-over rig or without pulling out the completion?

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Integrity & Reservoir Scanner (IRS-G)

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